My Trip To Disney World

Work-life balance requires discipline, careful planning and intention. You have to first want it, then you have to be intentional about it and then you have to strategize to achieve it. But you cannot live a meaningful life without it.

Me at Disney World. Winter clothes in summer, but I did it anyway. Do it!

Travel for work

Most of my travel experiences are attached to my work. I seize every opportunity to travel for work. My work has taken me to many places. Once summer, one of my friends, a teacher was coordinating a cultural escapade to Disney World for her students. In talking with her I realized she was seeking assistance from an adult to accompany the group to take pictures and serve as chaperone. I quickly volunteered myself. I was afforded the opportunity to visit Disneyland for the first on an all-inclusive, all expenses paid trip. All I had to do, was give her what she wanted - support and a photographer.


Thanks to my friend Merline, a high school trip organizer who gave me the opportunity to visit Disney World in Orlando. It was an amazing and memorable experience.

Be a plus one on a trip and save

You may not be able to afford to travel alone, but seize opportunities to travel with groups. When it comes to going on trips, expeditions or adventures, I am not necessarily the first to plan and organize a trip. However, I enjoy traveling with my friends to enjoy new experiences. An amazing planner is Simply Weddings!

My friend Merline. Thank you Merline for taking me on your trip.

Traveling with your friends makes the journey interesting and fun:

  • You have the pleasure of their company, so you are not alone in a new country

  • They can take your pictures for you, lol

  • You get to share the experience with someone or persons you care about, and that makes it even more meaningful

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