My Trip To Sweden

Traveling has really opened up my eyes and mind. It has expanded my imagination. In August 2013, I got a great opportunity to travel to Denmark, which led to me traveling to Sweden. It was an amazing experience.

Me in Malmo, Sweden


Thanks to the Government of Jamaica, and the former Chair of the National Family Planning Board, Dr Sandra Knight, I got the opportunity to attend the first Global Conference on Contraception, Reproductive and Sexual Health in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Others in attendance, Crown Princess of Denmark, professionals, developers and leaders in the sexual and reproductive health industry.

See the value in everything

This was a huge boost for my career as a Communications Strategist. It was even more beneficial to me in my personal development, as the exposure brought about new ideas and perspectives and expanded my views on how to achieve success in my life.

Enjoy different cultures and different ways of being.

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