Simply Weddings Top Tips For Wedding Planning

Updated: Mar 12

We love what we do and understand especially for first time couples how overwhelming the task can be to plan no matter the scale of the wedding and deciding whether or not to acquire a personal assistant (wedding planner). Here are Royal Events Top 5 complimentary tips to ease stress we would like to leave with you based on our 14 years of experience.

  1. Pace yourself - Always give yourself enough time to execute wedding planning no matter how many guests, 6-12 months is a comfortable timeline in case of eventualities and for your peace of mind. If the time is not there, still refuse to panic knowing that your planner is right there to take the heat and walk with you.

  2. The budget of your wedding can always be complemented with gifts from your family and friends.

  3. In your budgeting, always ensure that being debt free on the day is the goal, where the wedding events ends, marriage begins and life continues.

  4. Should you choose a wedding planner never be timid to ask questions in your best interest. Always be clear and direct so you can get maximum results, a professional and experienced planner will always understand.

  5. Be Open - There are varying types of brides and expectations will differ with them all. Your planner is on your side and will always 'make suggestions' in your best interest based on presented facts and their experience but the final decision along with the results will always be yours.

BONUS TIP - Your mental and physical wellness as the couple is non-comprisable. Ensure that the week of the wedding, your schedule is very light, you have enough sleep, perhaps book a spa day with your squad, drink lots of water and take necessary vitamins minimum 2 weeks before and ensure the wedding rehearsal is NOT the day before the event. We hope this helps!

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